Silence sits somber over great lawns

Gurgling chirps of sound

Cast joy across the sky

A strong light sun filters

Through curtains of earthen green

Peace is all I hear, peace is all I see

Drawn into Nature’s womb

I wash my soul clean


It’s foul tempestuous mood

Soldiers of trees stand regimental and tall

Guarding enlightened perimeters

And the clock ticks time away

Faster than my heart can beat

Now, here, alone

Is this paradise on earth?

Euphoric emptiness fills the collective mind

Waiting for reasons,answers, something, anything

This today is all there is

All there ever was

All there ever will be

Because nothing, nothing

Ever matters until it does

Equilibrium escapes like vapor

Into the cloudless day

Thus today begins

And the clocks continuous clicks

As time ticks on

Then ,now, now, then

Beginning middle and end

Friday 13th 2011